The Foundation for Education and European Culture (IPEP) was founded in September 2006. Its purpose, as indicated by its name, is to contribute to the development of education and of scientific research within the wider setting of European culture.

The Foundation’s premises are located in a listed building in Plaka, Athens. It is governed by a board of directors consisting of five members: N. Trichas - President, L. Tricha - Vice-president, K. Asvesta - Secretary, K. Papassarantou - Treasurer, and M. Papassaranti - Member.

In accordance with its statutes, IPEP supports and rewards, both financially and pastorally, primarily postgraduate students, studying either in Greece or abroad, as well as young researchers. It further supports research and cultural programmes in Greece and abroad.

The Foundation commenced its operations by awarding two undergraduate students and supporting thirteen postgraduate students and researchers. The awards and financial supports are provided to students and researchers who either excel academically or are in financial hardship.

We would like to thank all those who have helped its social work. First and foremost, we would like to thank the young researchers and scientists who not only proved themselves worthy of our expectations, but made us feel really proud. We would also like to thank their professors, both those who supported their application and those who supervised their studies. Further, we extend our thanks to our colleagues within the Foundation and its friends who, with their donations, enabled us to financially support a larger number of young researchers than we had originally envisaged.

The scientific interests of the students and researchers funded by IPEP are wide ranging. According to the terms and conditions of our support, the Foundation follows the progress of the studies and research of its scholars through the reports of their supervisors. All scholars were industrious and diligent. Some of them really shone. It was very touching to receive reports from professors of major foreign universities who considered some of our postgraduate students among the best they had ever taught in their entire academic career.

The number of people we have supported already amounts to two hundred and twenty (220). Within the three years of its existence, the Foundation has supported twenty-one (21) undergraduate and one hundred and sixty-four (164) graduate students, as well as thirty-five (35) researchers, four (4) of whom are University Professors.

The above numbers include twenty-six (26) students from the areas affected by the great forest fires in the summer of 2007.

Scholarships have been awarded in memory of: Filippos Iliou,  Nicos Themelis, Nicos Petsalis-Diomidis, Konstantinos Pitsakis, Alkis Roussopoulos, Stavros Christoulas, Nafsika Tricha and Vassilios Trichas.

The total amount given in support of students and researchers by IPEP is more than one million seven hundred thousand (1,700,000) €. This amount, together with the running costs of the Foundation totalling three hundred thousand (300,000) €, derive from the interest to the Foundation’s capital as well as donations from its founders and friends and also the donations of the Club of Athenians (twenty-one thousand (21,000) €) and of  KIKPE ( fifty-eight thousand (58,000) €).



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